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Affectionately known as Dr. Shelli,

Dr. Shelli has worked with individuals, higher education institutions, school districts, organizations, and businesses on ways to approach situations in intentional and meaningful ways. A wife and mother, she uses her experiences as a teacher, principal, superintendent, assistant professor, associate professor, professor, and university administrator as examples of disappointment, setbacks, comebacks, balance, and intention in both her personal and professional lives. Using the Octopus Method ©️, a method developed by Dr. Shelli, she guides leaders and individuals through a process that enables them to identify and mentor internal leaders, increase productivity and retention, and reduce burnout. She also works with them to ensure they make time for themselves to remain happy, healthy, and high yielding in their personal and professional lives.

Dr. FTS also writes and presents about disproportionalities in gifted and special education, dual exceptionalities, cultural responsiveness, and family involvement. She is also on multiple editorial boards, a reviewer for multiple peer-reviewed journals, and serves and leads within professional organizations.

Dr. Shelli earned her Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis on special, gifted, and urban education, a master’s degree in Technology Education, and her B.S.Ed. Special Education, from The Ohio State University.

Dr. FTS has conducted professional development workshops for multiple school districts and has been invited to engage in community dialogues regarding educational practices and reform. She has written and co-authored several articles, made numerous presentations at professional conferences, and co-edited several books. She is also on multiple editorial boards and a reviewer for numerous peer-reviewed journals.

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