Maximize Productivity And Intentionally Focus On Self-Care

Coaching and strategy development for leaders and high performers who need to protect their personal space and get the job done.

You Know Things Can Be Better, But Don't Know Where To Start


The hours of the workday end, but the task list is still a mile long


It seems as if 10 tasks are added for every one task completed


When you attempt to rest your brain and go to sleep, work matters enter your dreams


You wake up exhausted, but you keep going because there are things that need to be accomplished


You are concerned about and do things for everyone else, but you rarely do anything for

I've Been Where You Are. I Can Help You!

Using the OCTOPUS Method©, I can help you create boundaries, protect your personal space, remain productive, identify, and implement support systems that will reduce burnout and increase retention.

I Help You Help Yourself...

Oftentimes, we get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you are leading a group of people or leading your personal day to day operations, the Octopus Agency, LLC., helps leaders and high performers regain control of their life and intentionally focus on themselves, without affecting their professional and personal productivity.

Stage 1

We work together to identify what is most important to you and establish a plan of action.

Stage 2

Continue to put in the work with coaching, strategy, and accountability sessions.

Stage 3

Implement strategies to reduce frustration, increase productivity and the level of self-care with on-going feedback and encouragement.

You must show up for yourself before you can effectively show up and help others.

Hi, I’m Dr. Shelli,

CEO of The Octopus Agency, a Limited Liability Company focused on aiding leaders and high-achieving people with maximizing their productivity while intentionally focusing on self-care.




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What People Are Saying

Dr. Shelli's unwavering affirmation, wise counsel and support have contributed to my success. As a husband, father, and professional who has struggled with work-life balance, Dr. Shelli has helped me to navigate professional and personal challenges. There are few people who have earned my unqualified trust, and Dr. Shelli is one of them!
Tarek C. Grantham, Ph.D.
Dr. Shelli's expertise in organization, preparation, and empowerment is amazing! Her proven method will impact your life both professionally and personally. She was extremely pivotal in the successful development and launch of my online digital badging course. Without her suggestions, encouragement, and consistent support, my dream would not have been realized. You cannot go wrong with her program.
Dr. Erinn Fears Floyd
Dr. Shelli is the coach's coach. Her practical approach and 'just in time' questioning is efficient, effective, and engaging. She not only brings depth and breadth of research to help me strategize and accomplish goals, her strength is in her ability to synthesize, simplify, and coach toward viable solutions."
Dr. Yolanda Stewart

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